Knowing what the basic needs of our pets are is essential to be able to live with them in harmony. The problem comes when they begin to develop strange attitudes that we find difficult to decipher. On this occasion, we will talk about some strange behaviors of cats so that when you see yours do it, do not think that he has gone crazy!

Strange Cat Behaviors – Why Does My Cat Do That?

Surely if you share day by day with a feline, you will have seen him reproduce some of these attitudes more than once.

1. Sleeping on the sink

When temperatures begin to rise, it is very common to find the cat resting calmly on the sink. This is because the cool temperature of the ceramic makes it easier to carry heat.

But besides this, there is another reason. The shape of the sink (small and curved) makes you feel comfortable and protected as if you were in a kind of small shelter.

2. Bite the fabrics

Another of the strange behaviors of the most common cats is seeing them bite and suck different types of fabric. They are lovers of wool, especially!

This usually happens, especially in felines that are separated from their mother very early and, therefore, prematurely weaned. The fabrics are soft and will remind you of nursing. For this reason, it is also common to see them knead the fabric with their paws while they bite or suck.

In some cases, this attitude is only brought out when they are stressed, but in others it becomes compulsive, becoming a stereotype.

3. Biting other types of materials

In addition to cloth, there are felines that have a habit of biting, chewing, and even eating other types of materials: cardboard, plastic, paper, plaster …

This can be a serious health problem for the animal. It is known as pica syndrome and its causes can be very varied: stress, anxiety, boredom, hunger, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

If this attitude is detected, it is necessary to go to a veterinary center to determine the cause and find a solution. Also, if it is known that the cat has ingested something that it should not, the visit should be done urgently.

4. Drag the anus on the floor

Just as dogs drag their anus on the ground on occasion, cats also rub their bottoms on the floor for various reasons.

This strange behavior of cats can be due to several reasons, including:

  • He has traces of stuck stool that does not fall or he has diarrhea and the hair in the area has become impregnated.
  • It stings from dirt.
  • Itches due to parasites.
  • You have intestinal parasites.
  • You suffer from inflammation of the anal glands.

Although seeing the cat in that attitude may be curious, even funny, believe us: for him, it is not. Therefore, do not delay helping him!

5. Eat plants

If you know your feline’s diet well, you will know that this is a fully carnivorous animal. So why has that beautiful plant you had on the terrace bit?

Well, although they are carnivores, from time to time they also need to ingest elements of plant origin. If you do not offer them within their diet, they will look for them in another way.

Wild cats have it easier since they have access to plants that are also wild, but at home, this is more complicated and they will go to the ones you have for decoration.

For this reason, you must bear in mind that there are very toxic plants for cats. If you have any of them, you should keep them out of the reach of the animal.

6. Rubbing against people’s legs

Another strange behavior of cats that is very common is that it rubs against your legs or against those of anyone who comes home. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to gain confidence with a stranger and rub against theirs too!

The main reasons are two. When he does it with his favorite human when he gets home, it is his way of welcoming him and telling him that he is happy for his return.

However, there is another much more instinctive reason and this is marking. When a feline rubs against you or against anything, it is marking it with its scent. In this way, what you brand is recognized as yours or as part of your social group.

7. Scratching out of the sandbox

Felines always cover their feces as a method of protection against predators. In this way, they cannot locate them by smell.

At home, despite being safe, they also do it in their litter tray. However, there can be strange behavior of cats that is that they scratch out of the tray.

That is, they have the attitude of “hiding” something by scratching the ground, with which, obviously, they do not hide anything. But why does this happen?

Well, it usually happens because it is important to choose the correct substrate for the cat’s litter tray since they are not satisfied with just anyone. For example, they may not like its texture or smell. Because of that, they scrape off the tray to get away from him.

If you detect this behavior in your pet, do not hesitate to change its sand for a different one. Additionally, also keep in mind that the tray must be cleaned frequently, as dirt can also lead them to have this attitude. In addition, the lack of hygiene can also cause other types of problems.

8. Running and jumping mindlessly

On other occasions what we can observe in our feline is that it seems that it has been “possessed”. These apparent bouts of insanity in which the cat begins to jump and run from one side to the other for no reason are usually caused by two main reasons.

One is that the cat may have a lot of external parasites. These cause itching in the animal, some even cause allergic reactions, with the discomfort that all this entails.

If the areas attacked by the parasites are places where the animal does not reach to scratch and relieve the itch, the reaction may be to jump and move from one place to another out of desperation.

Another very common reason is the accumulation of energy and boredom. Cats need to exercise daily, both physically and mentally. If they don’t, it is very normal for them to take these kinds of strange attitudes.

For this reason, it is essential to know how to entertain him at home and offer him optimal environmental enrichment for cats.

9. Drink tap water

Each cat must have a drinking fountain that is always available with clean and fresh water. However, some animals, despite having this, prefer to drink water from the taps. Why?

As with other attitudes, there are several explanations for this one as well.

The main one is usually in the type of drinker. It is important to select one that the cat is comfortable with. This implies taking into account many characteristics. For example, depth and diameter.

Cats do not like their whiskers to bump against things, so if they feel uncomfortable when eating or drinking in that regard, they will look for other ways: take the food out of the trough with the paw and eat it outside, drink from the tap …

Another issue is the material. Plastic drinkers can change the taste of the water, something that your pet will not like.

Of course, there is also the question of cleanliness. Although the feline has the most appropriate drinking fountain, if you do not change the water every day and wash its plate correctly, it will be dirty and the animal will reject it.

But in addition to the aforementioned, there is another reason that can lead the feline to drink tap water. Cats do not like stagnant water and are attracted to seeing running water. Therefore, they usually take the opportunity to drink when they see an open tap.

10. Drink water with the paw

And continuing with strange attitudes related to water intake, it is also rare to see a cat drink water with its paw.

The reasons are usually the same as those mentioned in the previous point: they do not like stagnant water, the bowl is not appropriate, they are stressed or ill, they are bored or the water is dirty.

In any of the cases, the reasons must be faced and given a solution to the animal.

11. Put the paws on your face

When a cat gently puts its paws on your face, even kneads a little, it is a form of affectionate expression.

On the contrary, when he does it with force or aggressiveness he is telling you very directly that he is bored and that he wants you to attend to him. Perhaps it is time to give him some attention with games.

12. Lick your hair

Having your pet lick your hair is one of the strange behaviors of cats that should make you the happiest (although a priori it may not make you funny) because it is a gesture of love.

Cats groom each other as a show of affection, to reinforce the bond between them, but only when they consider themselves part of the family group or as a reference figure. So feel lucky if that happens!

13. Climb on top of the computer keyboard

Surely more than once your cat has invaded your living space while you were working in front of your laptop.

This is one of the strange behaviors of cats that usually surprise the most, as many fail to understand the attachment that felines have for computer keyboards.

Like everything, this also has its explanation.

For one thing, cats like to stay warm, especially when the temperatures drop. It is very normal to see them near or on top of sources that give off heat, which can be from a radiator to the internet modem!

The laptops also give off heat, therefore, your pet may see it as an attractive place on which to stand.

Another issue is that he wants to get your attention. Think that there are many hours a day that you can spend staring at that screen. The cat will think “I want him to look at me too!” And hence come between you and her.

14. Biting yourself

Observing how your pet bites itself (its tail, it’s back, its legs…) should put you on alert. This is neither normal nor good for him.

It could be the presence of external parasites that are affecting the cat, but it can also be a symptom of feline stress.

It is important to deal with the basic issue, that is, parasites, stress, or the reason that has led the animal to this attitude. But, in addition, it is essential to take this into account because biting compulsively will cause injuries.

15. Asking for food to ignore it

You may know your cat so well that you know its way of claiming food. Sometimes it happens that the feline begins to ask you with all the interest in the world and when you give in offering him a snack, he ignores it.

In that case, all the rogue wanted was to get your attention.