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17 curiosities of the raccoon: meet this peculiar little animal!



Raccoons are fascinating animals: smart, fast, skilled… and cute in appearance! But surely for more than one person, they are also great unknown. So today we want you to get to know them a little better. Don’t miss out on these raccoon curiosities!

The most surprising raccoon curiosities

These animals, native to America, are found today almost all over the world. However, they are still great unknown to many. Therefore, let’s discover the most interesting and curious facts about this animal.

1. They are very fast animals

Although their robust appearance may make you think otherwise, raccoons are quite agile and fast. They go up and down trees quickly and can run in open expanses at 15 mph.

2. They produce more than 50 vocalizations

Another of the most unknown raccoon curiosities is that this animal emits more than 50 vocalizations (complex sounds) in its communication with others of its species.

Among these vocalizations are whispers, grunts, hisses, and yells. Hopefully, understand them!

3. They adapt to many environments

Unlike other species, raccoons can adapt to different environments very easily.

It is true that forests are their natural habitat, but due to human hands (with deforestation and the export of these animals), they have become used to surviving in urban areas without problems.

They know how to make a living easily since they feed on whatever food is within their reach and they enter chimneys, roofs, abandoned houses, etc.

So much so, that it is estimated that raccoon populations are already 20% higher in cities than in fields.

4. They are omnivorous

Another interesting raccoon curiosity is that they are omnivores. They do not usually disgust anything: they eat worms, herbs, eggs, fruits, turtles, frogs, birds, small mammals and they can even take advantage of the meat of a dead animal.

5. They have amazing legs!

Without a doubt, this is one of the most surprising characteristics of this animal.

They can rotate their legs 180º, which helps them a lot when climbing trees. In addition, each leg has 5 toes and their claws are very strong. This allows them to grasp objects.

On the other hand, while other animals rely on their sight or hearing to hunt, raccoons rely on their sense of touch to find what they need.

Their front legs contain approximately four times more sensory receptors than their back legs. This allows them to do different things without seeing them (an interesting ability, being nocturnal).

6. They are born during the spring

Raccoon pups are usually born in litters of 3 to 5 individuals in the spring, just 2 months after mating has occurred.

The mother is very protective of her young, showing great aggressiveness to anyone who tries to get close to them.

Little raccoons open their eyes at 20 days of being born and it will be their mother who will teach them to hunt and climb.

7. At birth they do not have two of their main physical characteristics

Another of the curiosities of the raccoon to mention is that, at birth, this animal does not have the characteristic mask that they have on their face, nor with the rings on their tail.

8. A very important black mask

And speaking of that mask, don’t think that this is just an aesthetic feature.

Thanks to those black spots that form a kind of mask, they have been considered the thieves par excellence of the animal world for a long time.

However, and although they are petty thieves, that mask fulfills a very relevant mission. This helps them improve their vision a lot. How? Well, because it suppresses reflections since the black color absorbs light.

At night, when these animals are most active, perceiving less peripheral light helps them to observe the contrast between objects, essential for seeing in the dark.

9. Some people have them as pets

Considering having a raccoon as a pet for many is a great idea. In fact, they have one at home as a pet!

However, this is not advisable for several reasons. Raccoons can be very aggressive animals, they are not easily trained and have nocturnal habits.

All this can greatly complicate living together. Not to mention that in many places it is illegal to have a raccoon as a pet.

10. Invasive animals

In addition to being illegal in many places to have this animal at home as a pet, its entry is also prohibited in many countries of the world, as it is considered an invasive species.

In Spain, for example, it is. Due to illegal trafficking, many raccoons have entered the country in order to be someone’s exotic pet. Many of those people, seeing that the raccoon is not an animal to keep in captivity, have released it in fields or parks, where it has wreaked havoc on local crops, fauna, and flora.

To this day, raccoons continue to spread across the planet.

11. They are not as lonely as they may seem

Another of the curiosities of the raccoon is that a priori, it can seem a solitary animal. However, it is not or not always.

Males gather in groups to defend their territory and females often gather around rivers to share food.

12. They are very smart

Recent studies have shown that raccoons are capable of solving some simple problems.

In addition, the virality of social networks makes it very easy to find videos of these raccoons dazzling with their intelligence.

13. They have an ancestral name

Raccoon in English is a raccoon, a word that comes from Powhatan arounghcun, which means “animal that scratches itself with its hands.”

The native Aztecs were the first to notice the curious legs that these animals had. Therefore, the raccoon is considered to have the most skilled hands in nature.

14. They are nocturnal

As mentioned above, raccoons are animals that carry out their normal activities at night. This is one of the curiosities of the raccoon that usually surprises the most since it is quite normal to see them during the day.

15. There are many varieties of raccoons

Six species of raccoons are known to be native to North America and South America.

The most famous is the common raccoon ( Procyon lotor ), which lives in the United States. Other species are easy to find further south, especially on tropical islands.

16. Rebecca, the raccoon who lived in the White House

Rebecca was a raccoon who lived with Calvin Coolidge in the White House for part of his tenure.

Raccoon meat was pretty common on American tables for Thanksgiving. However, instead of having her for dinner, the Coolidge family decided to adopt her.

17. They can improve their sense of touch through “dousing”

This behavior involves the use of water. For example, in nature, they often dive into waters close to shore to look for food.

There, they take the food with their hands, examine it, and rub it. They even remove unwanted parts from it. This might give the impression that the raccoon is washing food, but what it really does is wet its paws to stimulate its nerve endings.

As with humans, light provides us with more sensory information, water does with raccoons.

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Tips for Buying Pet Products Online



It is important to take good care of your pets. But it can also be expensive. Pet food, pest control products, toys, accessories and miscellaneous equipment don’t come cheap. One way to keep the cost under control is to go online, compare prices with physical stores around you, and buy whatever is cheaper.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for pet products online. To find out what they are and secure yourself the best deals, all you have to do is read on.

Use only reputable providers

When shopping online, it’s important to buy from reputable websites. More so when you buy things like dog or cat food, flea treatments and deworming tablets. You need to be sure that what your dog, cat, horse or bird is going to consume is high quality and safe. There are several ways to determine if the website you are considering buying from is trustworthy.

Read the About Us page

The about us page can tell you a lot about the company you are buying from. Usually on this page the owners will tell you a bit about their business, including facts that you can check out elsewhere on the web. For example, they can say they are members of a specific professional association or are associated with the practice of a veterinarian.

Be sure to compare comparable prices

It’s always worth taking a little time to check prices on a range of sites. This will help you determine if the pet supplies website you are considering buying from has a good deal.

In doing so, pay attention to the amount contained in each unit. It’s too easy to think you’re getting a good deal only to find out later that the pet food you just bought is 100 grams lighter than on other sites. This pricing trick is increasingly being used by online and offline retailers, so keep an eye out for it.

Other Key Pages Genuine Retailers Usually Have

You should also check the Contact Us and FAQ pages. It is also important to check the return and refund policy and shipping rates. They should all be clearly explained. If they have a blog, read a few posts, you’ll quickly know if they really care about animals and have their best interests at heart.

Find and try phone number

Legitimate providers must provide a phone number. If you have time, give them a call and ask a question or two. This will allow you to confirm that they are a genuine retailer, verify that they respond to their customers, and give you a better idea of ​​their knowledge of the pet products they sell.

Look for reviews online

It’s also worth taking a look to see if you can find any reviews from past customers. When you do, ask yourself if the reviews are genuine. Are they spread over several months or years or were they mostly submitted within a few weeks? If they all appeared around the same time, say more or less the same thing, and are all five stars, chances are the reviews aren’t genuine.

Use coupons to get bigger discount

Before hitting the buy button, check if there are any discount codes available for that particular retailer. For example, companies like regularly distribute promotional codes that can offer you a discount of up to 25%. It’s a huge saving. The great thing about this retailer and others like it is that every product they list on their site has been vet checked.

Keep a note of good suppliers

Once you’ve found a business you like. Take note of this website. That way, when it’s time to place another order, you can easily do so without having to go through all the checks I suggested above.

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How to Use a Dog Nail Clipper



Pet parents consider nail care a dreaded basic grooming task. Most dogs don’t like having their paws manipulated to begin with, so adding weird body contortions and equipment that has the potential to hurt can turn what should be a simple process into a nightmare.

“Some dogs fear restraint and some have had bad experiences and felt pain during nail trimming,” says professional dog trainer Lori Nanan. “These things can make nail care stressful and difficult.”

Keeping your dog’s nails the right length isn’t just for aesthetics or keeping the floor clean, it prevents pain and even injury. Nails that are too long can lead to uneven weight distribution, splayed feet, mobility issues, and in extreme cases the nail can even grow into the pad of the paw.

Dogs that spend more time outdoors may wear down their nails naturally, but most dogs need regular nail trimming to keep them at a comfortable length.

While an important part of nail cutting success is the training that takes place before you even make your first cut, choosing the best equipment for the job can help alleviate some of the stress for both parties. Parent pet groomers who are comfortable with the trimming tool will feel more confident in the task, and that sense of calm will translate to your dog.

 Dog Nail Clippers: Understanding the Basics

Choosing the right dog nail clippers can seem overwhelming since you are choosing for two parties. You want a tool that’s comfortable and easy to use, but you also need to consider the size and type of claw your dog has.

“Don’t skimp on quality,” suggests Nanan. “Look at the products groomers use to get an idea of ​​what’s considered the best.”

Keep in mind that dog nail trimming equipment can dull over time, so if you’re investing in a more expensive product, make sure you’ll be able to keep the blade sharp. A dull clipper can put extra pressure on the nail, which will make trimming even more uncomfortable. Also, it might leave a jagged edge on the nails.

So how do you know if your dog needs a nail trim? If you hear your dog coming towards you, it’s probably too long. Nanan says trimming nails until they’re “just above the ground” keeps your dog’s paws comfortable while still allowing for traction.

The difference between dog and cat nail clippers

The difference between dog and cat nail clippers may have to do with marketing.

“Most can be used interchangeably between dogs and cats,” says Caitlin Kucsan, professional groomer and owner of Pugs & Kisses Pet Care. “However, the scissor style seems to work best on cat nails because they’re generally much less difficult to cut than a dog’s.”

Go for a smaller size when choosing a cat nail clipper to avoid over-trimming.

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SoSoCute Dog Gift Box – Puppy Chew Toy Set of 5



As nice as it will be to receive gifts over the holidays, it’s usually even additional pleasing to be the one doing the gifting … especially when the recipient is an extremely deserving (and impossibly cute) furry friend. As pet owners can attest, there is nothing additional satisfying than presenting your pup with a treat or toy that you know they will absolutely love

Puppies explore the planet through their mouths, thus they’ll chew anything they will sink their teeth into. By providing them with toys that indulge their teething instincts, you’re a lot of seemingly to spare your shoes and socks from destruction.

During a puppy’s period of fast development, from 2-months-old to 10-months-old, it’s necessary to provide them with appropriate toys, and each dog’s breed and personality will play a task in what toys would possibly become your pup’s favorites. If your puppy bursts with energy and enjoys a challenge, they’ll love a toy that they will puzzle apart or one that dispenses treats. Whereas some pups prefer to snuggle up with a soft toy, other dogs could tear it to shreds.

The dog blanket will have many alternative functions. Within the comfort of your home, the blanket is ideal to throw over your dog’s bed or to use as a sofa cowl to avoid dirt or scratches. The blanket will enlighten the dog in a delegated place where he will rest on the couch. It’s conjointly an excellent complement to the dog’s bed. That dog doesn’t wish to cuddle on soft, plush surfaces? Due to the blanket, the pet bed can become a sort of asylum for him and can be related to a heat and comfy place. Click here to get this amazing product directly from the manufacturer.

Listed below are reasons why it’s a good idea to Gift SoSoCute Puppy Chew Set to your Friends:

  • HIGHLY-SAFE PUPPY TOYS – All of the puppy teething chew toys included in our package are made from premium, quality materials. These non-toxic puppy chew toys are odorless and are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for your pet.
  • IDEAL FOR ORAL HEALTH – Our soft dog chew toys are specially made for your puppy’s teething needs. Teething effectively supports the dog’s overall oral health by removing plaque and tartar buildup. It also helps fight gum diseases, leading to improve dental health.
  • KEEPS YOUR DOG BUSY – Pets need attention, but you can’t stay with them all the time. Dog chew toys are a great way to keep them busy. Puppy chew toys for teething will help keep them happy and busy so you can handle your tasks with peace of mind.
  • Blankets for Pets – Soft and Comfortable Blanket Nothing is more important than keeping your pet charged for all-day activity. This requires adequate sleep, which is made easy with our ultra-soft blanket for your little buddy the furry blanket will keep them warm and comfortable.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA – Puppy toy gift sets are a perfect gift for your dog or anyone passionate about pet care. Show your love and care to your puppies with our dog toy pack.
  • WHAT DO YOU GET? Our dog toy bundle includes everything to make your pet happier than ever. The package includes 1 blanket, 1 chew ring, 1 soft squeaky plush toy, 1 dog treat feeder ball, and 1 chew ball. It’s a great addition to your puppy supplies, providing for their health and happiness.


Why Your Puppy Wants a Gift Bundle? It’s a perfect buy for your dog and a great gift to welcome someone’s new puppy. Create an improved bond between you and your little companion through comfort and play. Show your dog how much you love to see him/her happy! The set comes with three gorgeous color options: Blue, Pink, and Yellow. For less than 40 Dollars, this is one of the best Dog Gift Boxes available. See the SoSoCute Dog Gift Box unboxing video Here!


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