An original gift for your dog for Christmas. What gift to give to a dog owner? How to find a personalized gift for a dog? How to choose a Christmas gift for your dog?

In this article, you will discover:

  • An original gift for your dog for Christmas
  • What gift to give to a dog owner?
  • How to find a personalized gift for a dog?

Offer an original gift to your dog for Christmas. To prevent, relieve, make him happy, start a new sporting activity with your dog… Here is a list of personalized gifts for your dog.

Custom pet gift for Christmas

Find the gift to please your faithful companion.

If you’re out of inspiration, you can count on Akhal to help you with our Christmas selection.

Here is our selection of 100% Made in France products for the well-being of your dog:

  • The MyKani care cape ;
  • The Compagnons & Cie “My beloved dog” box set ;
  • The Charlie Le Muso French necklace;
  • The ultra-soft Bandit basket;
  • Le Yummy Kit Japhy.

The MyKani care cape

Next-generation healthcare coverage.

This blanket diffuses active ingredients based on essential oils. With inside a washable patch.

This patch is reusable and allows the formula to be absorbed to slowly release the active ingredients and thus obtain increased effectiveness.

For example, you can apply the MyKaniBack balm mentioned above to the patch to relieve osteoarthritis in dogs.

The Cape MyKani is placed on the dog’s back during a rest period.

In contact with the dog’s skin, the active ingredients penetrate his body.

The active ingredient affects the soft tissues to prevent osteoarthritis pain, muscle contractures, and low back pain.

The Cape does not leave the hair greasy.

The MyKani Recovery range allows in particular to:

  • Relieve inflamed areas;
  • Prevent muscle tension and contractures;
  • Promote the elimination of toxins.

The Cape MyKani is made of a 3D textile which makes it breathable and light.

Four sizes are available for sale.

The Cape MyKani is entirely made in France, in Aube.

The box “My beloved dog” Compagnons & Cie

Compagnie et Cie , is a French brand developed by David and Hélène. Their keyword: “water + natural active ingredients = C et Cie and that’s it”

A box of 5 100% natural products for your dog.

In this box you will find:

  • Un spray Stop Parasites ;
  • A treatment with floral waters for the ears;
  • Care for the eyes;
  • A lavender shampoo;
  • A 100% natural dewormer.

Everything is sold with a nice tote bag.

A nice Christmas box, very complete for your dog.

Compagnie et Cie, is a French brand developed by David and Hélène. Their keyword: “water + natural active ingredients = C et Cie and that’s it”

Discover the box right here

A stylish accessory Le Muso Français

Le Muso Français is a brand dedicated to cats and dogs with stylish accessories 100% Made In France.

Created by Jennifer, Le Muso Français offers various products for your dog.

Our favorite product is the Charlie necklace.

A hand-designed necklace, with patterns drawn by young designers, and printed on 100% cotton fabric.

Come and discover this pretty collar for your dog right here

Bandit ultra-soft basket

Bandit is the first brand of accessories for solidarity animals. They have already raised €28,805 since the start of the adventure for animals in need.

The Bandit team has designed a basket made in France.

Including quality materials for the comfort of your dog.

And all the know-how of the French workshops.

This basket is available in 5 sizes, with interchangeable covers in 6 colors.

Go here to find out

The Japhy discovery pack

Japhy is a dog and cat food brand.

It is the first brand to have launched such a large toxicological study.

Japhy notably offers personalized subscription formulas for your dog.

In order to discover their products, here is one of our favorite products: Yummy Kit.

He understands:

  • 2 pouches of poultry treats;
  • 1 bag of fish treats;
  • 5 natural poultry terrines;
  • 1 rainbow plush.
  • All to make your dog happy.

To discover the “Yummy Kit”, it’s right here

Our 5 favorites to offer for Christmas to a dog while supporting Made In France.

  • You now know the Akhal team’s favorites for choosing an original gift for your dog.

You have discovered several French brands committed to Animal Well-Being on a daily basis.

You can check out the full features of the Cape MyKani here.

To go further, you can read this article on osteoarthritis in dogs.

•             Article was written by Flora Michon-Charpentier, communication officer at Akhal.