Before adopting a pet it is always appropriate to know as much as possible about its future characteristics: how much it will measure, weigh, etc. Otherwise, we can find a feline that, precisely, is not a small kitten. Let’s see which are the biggest cats in the world!

Largest cat breeds in the world

Although puppies are the size of any normal cat, the truth is that there are some felines that, as they grow, stand out over others.


The precious Ragdoll cat dazzles with his piercing blue gaze. But also because of its size!

It takes about three years for a male Ragdoll to reach full physical development, but when he does he can reach 90 centimeters in size and weigh between 5.4 and 9 kilos. The female will weigh a little less (4.5 – 6.8 kilos).

This breed comes from a cross of various breeds such as Persian, Burmese, and Siamese. It is a very affectionate cat, in fact, it is one of the friendliest that exists.


This cat is very similar to leopards due to its hair and elegance when walking. And no, obviously they don’t reach their size, but they are one of the largest cats out there.

As adults, they can grow up to 30 centimeters tall and weigh up to 10 kilos. In addition, they are very active and athletic cats, so it is a delight to watch them move.

Norwegian Forest

Coming from Scandinavia comes the Norwegian Forest Cat, a feline with dense hair that serves as protection against the cold of its place of origin.

As for its size: an adult male can reach 9 kilos, which is why it is also one of the largest cats that exist.

British Shorthair

This cat of English origin stands out for its rounded contours and its thick fur. His hunting skills are world-renowned.

It is a docile and affectionate feline, ideal as a pet. Of course, if one comes into your life, you should know that it can reach 8 kilos in weight.

British long hair

The long-haired version of the previous cat is also considered one of the largest cats in the world, as it can reach 7 kilos in weight.

Calm and independent, this animal has a strong personality.

Van Turco

The origin of the Turkish Van cat is found in Lake Van (Turkey). They are cats that usually present heterochromia.

It is not very tall, however, it is robust. It can weigh 8 kilos.

Siberian Forest

This cat, known as the national feline of Russia, can also weigh up to 9 kg.

To protect itself from the cold of its place of origin, it has developed a very strong constitution and a dense water-repellent coat made up of three layers.

Maine Coon

One of the largest cats that exist and one of the best known worldwide is the Maine Coon.

Its origin is found in the state of Maine (USA). In addition, it is said to be a hybrid between cat and raccoon (raccoon in English) because of the shape of its tail. Hence the “Coon” in its name.

The size that this animal can reach is truly amazing. The male can reach 70 cm long and weigh 11 kilos. Females are somewhat smaller.

However, despite their size being imposing, they are very cute and playful cats. In addition, they have a very characteristic meow.

Selkirk Rex

Wavy hair is the main characteristic of the Selkirk Rex. If we add to that that he has a very muscular body that can reach 7 kilos as an adult, the appearance is quite impressive.


It is often said of him that he is an improved version of the Ragdoll as far as character is concerned. And it is an animal that is big, it is affectionate. Even with visits!

They can reach a weight of 7 kilos in their adult stage, although there are specimens that reach 14. They are playful, affectionate, and homemade, so they become excellent pets.

In addition, the thick and soft coat they have makes us want to constantly caress them.

Persian cat

Although it is not very common, the weight of the Persian cat can reach 7 kilos.

To that weight should be added the robust body and lush, soft hair, which give it an even greater appearance.


When looking at it we could be seeing a miniature puma. This is also considered one of the largest cats in the world because it can weigh between 6 and 9 kilos.

It is a very active feline that requires a lot of attention. If you get bored at home, it can cause a lot of damage, so it is not suitable for owners who cannot treat you as you deserve.


This is an unusual cat, but Savannah cats have been known to weigh around 11 kilos.

Its body is slender, with the typical specks reminiscent of a wild feline. It is therefore considered one of the most dazzling exotic cat breeds.


It is a cat that as an adult can weigh up to 9 kilos. It is a very muscular, docile, and very affectionate cat. He likes to be accompanied, but always in a quiet environment.

Which of these big guys do you like the most? The truth is that they are all magnificent!