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These are the questions you should ask yourself to choose your dog’s food wisely

Today's commercial dog food brands offer nutritional options tailored to the size, age, activity level, lifestyle, and even breed. In addition, the type of preparation...

Reasons why you should have a Labradoodle puppy in your home.

The Doodle, or Poodle mix, seem to be the new dog of the hour! Needless to say, the qualities attributed to them seem to...

Teach your puppy not to bite your hands in a simple and practical way

Why do puppies bite? Dogs are animals that use their mouths not only to feed themselves but also to satisfy other needs: Need to stimulate teething Dogs...

Cynophobia; Why am I afraid of dogs? 

What is the phobia or fear of dogs called? The fear of dogs is known as cynophobia. Cynophobia occurs when a person, adult or child, experiences...

3 tips for day to day if you have an Aggressive Dog

How do I know if my dog ​​is aggressive? Aggression is the tendency of a subject to act or respond violently with behavior directed toward another...
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