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These are the questions you should ask yourself to choose your dog’s food wisely

Today's commercial dog food brands offer nutritional options tailored to the size, age, activity level, lifestyle, and even breed. In addition, the type of preparation...

10 things you should NOT do to your dog

1. Neglecting any of the three pillars of health These are a) food, b) hygiene, and c) prevention. If in doubt, ask for the help of a professional...

How to prevent bad breath in dogs

Many humans share their lives with a familiar canine with an "unbearable smell" that comes from the oral cavity; In most cases, humans go to...

How to know if a rabbit is sleeping?

We have to bear in mind that wild rabbits are easy prey; therefore, no matter how well they know their surroundings, they are always...

Scientists are looking for dogs like yours

The laboratory The project is called "Darwin's ark," and it is a self-financed project with free access to anyone interested in participating, from scientists to individuals. The...
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