There are many families that live with dogs and many people who do not offer the correct education to them. That, in the long run, is very negative and will affect the coexistence with the animal. We talk about the consequences of having a spoiled dog.

Why is my dog ​​a brat?

The first thing you should know is that there is no genetic predisposition in dogs to be more spoiled than others. The problem of a spoiled dog comes from a bad education given by its owners.

Or, to be more specific, a total lack of education. Dogs must have obedience as a way of life and a spoiled dog does not know at all what it is to obey.

Normally, the trigger for this bad behavior is to humanize the pet. This means treating him as if he were a person, nullifying his animal nature.

Specifically, people who humanize their dogs treat them like babies.

It is clear that all of us who love our pets want the best for them and, therefore, we take care of them as a member of the family. However, there are cases of people who take this to the extreme, to the point of denying the animal condition of their pet.

This is a serious mistake that will bring negative consequences to the dog.

In addition to humanizing the animal, another cause of a dog being spoiled is usually trying to reason with him. Dogs cannot reason like people. They can understand commands or words through learning, but they do not have as developed reasoning as ours.

That causes the training not to be done correctly.

The consequences of all this are very negative and can affect physical level (for example, if the dog is constantly taken out in a cart when the animal can and should walk normally) and, above all, psychological.

But what is spoiling?

Before talking about what happens when a dog is spoiled, let’s specify what spoiling is.

To do this, you have to differentiate between consenting and spoiling.

Consent is giving permission to express affection. Spoiling is not setting the minimum limits necessary in terms of behavior to achieve harmony in the group. That is to say, breeding wrongly (for whatever reason) when it should and, in addition, it could be done well.

A spoiled dog is a reflection of the permissiveness and laziness of his guardian, for not spending the necessary time in his training.

Keep in mind that educating a dog is not outrage in his life. Discipline (well developed, with positive reinforcement, for example) is not synonymous with torture.

We can’t feel guilty about being tough around pets to set limits. In fact, not disciplining him will bring with it the consequences of a spoiled dog.

What happens when I have a spoiled dog?

The consequences of not having raised a dog correctly are several:

  • For dogs, their human family is part of their pack. And, as in any pack, there needs to be a leader. If the dog is spoiled by not establishing norms, it will not know any authority figure.
  • Not knowing that he must obey you as a leader, he will not listen to you when you want something from him. This can put your life at risk and also cause harm to people and other animals.
  • A spoiled dog also usually seeks constant attention. To do this, he will resort to various attitudes: biting everything in his path, barking constantly, etc. They are, therefore, destructive and annoying dogs.
  • Jealousy is very common in dogs spoiled. Therefore, the arrival of a new member of the family (pet or baby) can provoke very different reactions in him: becoming aggressive, stopping eating, etc.

As guardians, we must be attentive to the needs of the animal and make sure that these are covered, but not overdo it and much less treat them as a person. We would be overriding his canine instincts.

Spoiling a dog can be a very delicate situation. And not only in the private sphere but also in public.

In these circumstances, the last thing to do is yell, hit or punish the animal. Not only because it is animal abuse and is punishable by law, but because in terms of education it is counterproductive.

In addition, a spoiled dog is unpredictable and can react against his guardian if he rebukes him.

Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a professional to help you correctly modify the behavior of your pet.