Choosing your pet according to your lifestyle is an important factor. This means that if you do not have a lot of free time, it may be useful to have animals at home that do not require as much attention as a dog or a cat. A good option, in that case, is fish. However, for many people, fish are unknown beings with somewhat strange behaviors at times. For example, do you know why fish chase each other?

5 reasons why fish chase each other

Keeping fish as pets at home is a responsibility. Like any animal, fish require relevant care so that they can survive, although, as we mentioned at the beginning, their attentions are not as constant as those of a dog or other common pet.

In addition, the fish tank brings beauty to the home, as there are fish with very beautiful physical characteristics. And not only that: watching the smooth movement of the fish can be very relaxing.

It may be during these moments of observation that you realize that fish are sometimes chasing each other. The reasons why this happens can be several.

1. It’s a mating ritual

Within the mating ritual of the fish, the persecution between them is contemplated. If you have introduced male and female fish of the same species into your tank and you detect a chase, it is likely that they are about to reproduce.

Even so, ideally, you should do a little research on the mating characteristics of the specific species you have in your aquarium to make sure that it is this and not a behavioral problem.

2. Rivalry between males

It can also happen that if the fish are chased and are males, they do so because of the rivalry that can also arise during the mating season. This occurs when the number of females in the aquarium is insufficient for the number of male fish.

It is advisable that there are two females for each male fish. Always, of course, taking into account that the size of the tank must be adequate for the total number of specimens that live in it.

3. Protection of the territory

Fish can also be aggressive if there are certain circumstances that affect them and they can show violent attitudes in order to protect their territory.

For example, it is very common for this to happen when:

  • The aquarium is very overloaded with elements.
  • On the contrary, there are few plants or objects for the fish to camouflage themselves and feel protected.
  • The fish tank is very small.
  • They are breeding and do not want other fish to come near their nest site.

When the problem is the size, lack, or excess of elements, you must always evaluate the dimensions of the fish tank well based on the number of fish and act accordingly.

As for breeding, the ideal is always to use an exclusive aquarium for the reproduction and development of the eggs. In this way, you protect the fish that are going to hatch and avoid stressful or unpleasant situations between adults.

4. Incompatible characters

Another reason why fish chase each other is that different species have possibly gathered in a tank that does not get along with each other.

Exactly, not all fish are compatible: some are more peaceful and others are more territorial and dominant. The latter can even be aggressive with species that are not their own.

It is very normal that you want to give as much color as possible to your aquarium, but keep in mind that gathering species without knowledge can be very harmful to the weakest.

It may be that some fish chase others, however, in the worst case, the weakest can end up being eaten!

5. Lack of food

The survival instinct comes out in any animal at many times. One of them is when food is scarce.

Two important factors come into play here that the person responsible for the tank should take into account:

  • You have to know the exact amount of food to administer.
  • It should be borne in mind that each species of fish requires a specific diet, which must be as complete as possible.

Of course, many copies will coincide in the diet. However, there will be others who have to be given food with additional ingredients.

If you notice that fish are chasing each other in your aquarium, it may be because they consider that food is scarce. Then the rivalry and competition between them will appear to survive.

Did you know the reasons why fish chase each other? Now that you know, keep them in mind if you have a fish tank in your home.