It is often said of cats that they are not affectionate animals, but whoever has one (or several) as a pet knows for a fact that this is not the case. Cats show their love in many ways, through their own form of communication. Do you know what those signs of affection are? Let’s see them!

Cats show their love

There are gestures of cats that are a clear demonstration of their love for their favorite humans. You may not know it, but when your feline has the behaviors that we are going to mention below, it is telling you that it loves you!

1. He kneads you with his paws

The Cats knead with their paws for many reasons. This attitude is acquired when they are puppies and they knead their mother’s breasts to promote the flow of milk while they feed.

However, when they knead a person, it is a sign of love and trust, as it is a kind memory of those first days of life in which they lovingly fed on their mother.

2. Nibbles

It is clear that any animal that sticks its fangs hard is not saying that it loves you, precisely. On the contrary, your cats can give you love with small bites in which they control their strength. Surely they have done it more than once!

3. Stays close to you

When cats feel love for a person, they stay close to him. Maybe not all the time, but they will be looking for your contact quite often.

4. Vocalizations

The purr of cats has different meanings. However, the usual thing is that they use it when they feel calm and happy. Therefore, if while you caress him, for example, he is purring, he is thanking you and saying that he loves you. To you and your caresses!

5. The rub

Another curious way that cats give love is by brushing their body against yours, especially their cheeks and tail. When they do, they are actually leaving their scent on you, their pheromones, to mark you as “theirs.”

Yes, they see you as their property. And although owning our cat is not something that can make any special illusion, for them it is a token of love.

6. They greet you at the door

If when you get home your cat walks up to the door and meows at you, it is welcoming you in a loving way. If he didn’t mind seeing you, he would be so calm in the same place where he was before your arrival.

7. The toilet

Grooming is one of the main ways for cats to show their love. This is seen both in their own hygiene and in the one they do to others. We explain it to you.

Although cats are very hygienic animals, their guardians should help them keep clean and healthy with routines of brushing, cleaning their teeth, etc. Getting the cat used to it and letting it be done without question is a great act of trust and love.

Similarly, when cats groom each other they are also showing affection. Therefore, having your cat “groom” you using his tongue is a great sign of affection.

8. Eye contact with blinking

Cats do not make eye contact with everyone, they only do so if they are really interested in it for some reason. If the cat looks at you and blinks slowly, it wants you to know that it loves you. A cat does not blink when stressed or mistrustful.

9. Belly up

The abdomen is one of the areas most sensitive to the attacks that animals have. Therefore, if they do not feel safe with what they have around them, they would never show up belly up.

For this reason, when cats want to show their love for humans, even indirectly, they lie on their backs. They are telling you that they feel protected by your side.

10. Gifts

When the felines go out onto the street and have a chance, their hunting instinct leads them to take small prey: reptiles, mice, birds …

The funny thing is that sharing those trophies with you, for him, is a way of showing you how much he loves you, hence he takes it home and drops it on you or at your feet. Although it seems a bit disgusting to you, it is quite a token of feline love.

11. Sleep on your lap

A sleeping cat is a more vulnerable cat than an awake one. For this reason, that your cat decides to spend his moment of rest in your lap, it is not only because there he feels warm and comfortable, but because he feels affection and places his trust in you to protect him.

As you can see, pets give thanks and show their love in many different ways. Give them back all that affection also providing them with the affection and care they deserve!