Surely everyone who loves their pet wishes it was eternal. For this reason, on many occasions, we do not really ask ourselves how many years an animal can live on average. On this occasion, we are going to focus on answering this question for one of the most charismatic pets that exist: rabbits. So if you want to know how long a rabbit lives, we invite you to discover it with us.

How long does a rabbit live?

The life expectancy of pets is highly variable depending on the animal. But, in addition, within the same species, there may be variations. For example, large-breed dogs generally live less than small breed dogs.

In order to answer how long a rabbit lives, a distinction must be made between wild rabbits and domestic rabbits.

In the first case, that of rabbits that live in freedom, their average life expectancy is around 3-4 years. This is so because in nature they depend on the availability of food in their environment, in addition to being easy prey for some predators. The climate can be another of the causes that cause their premature death, as well as the diseases to which they are exposed and not protected.

On the other hand, a rabbit sheltered as a pet that is given the necessary care and lives in a suitable and happy environment can live twice as long, that is, between 6 and 8 years.

However, there have been cases in which the animal has reached 10 years of age and has even exceeded them. The record of the oldest rabbit indicates that it lived to be 19 years old.

The characteristics of the rabbit

If you choose to have a rabbit as a pet, you will discover an animal, generally calm and quite affectionate, although, like each animal, each one can have its own personality.

At first, he may be a bit shy and reserved, he may be a bit hostile at times as well. This is so because his instinct makes him distrustful since in nature rabbits are easy prey.

That is why it will be essential that you earn the trust of your bunny from a young age, treating him with affection and respect, and guaranteeing the greatest well-being.

By having one of these animals as a pet, you will also discover how intelligent they can be. They can be taught tricks and also behavioral guidelines, such as using a litter tray to relieve themselves. You can even educate and get your rabbit used to going out for a walk!

How to extend the life of a rabbit

Now that you know how long a rabbit lives, you may wonder if it is possible to extend its life in some way to have your faithful companion more time by your side.

Let’s face it, there is no magic formula for this. In fact, sometimes it happens that even giving a pet all the care it deserves, some pathology arises in it that makes it sick or lose its life.

The only reality is that providing the animal with a healthy life is the only option for it to be your faithful friend for as many years as possible. Because what difference does it make that you know how long a rabbit lives if then that time is not healthy for him?

What a rabbit needs

For all the above, it is important that you know what a rabbit needs to have a long life:

  • An adequate diet for him. This diet will be composed mainly of hay, feed, vegetables, and fruits in different proportions. It should also be given water to hydrate properly.
  • You must keep their cage clean. Rabbits are quite hygienic animals. They like to stay clean and that their environment is clean. For this reason, keeping the rabbit cage clean is essential for its health and happiness.
  • You have to vaccinate and deworm it. This is especially relevant if the bunny often leaves the house.
  • Hygiene guidelines: brush his hair, clean his ears, trim his nails, etc.
  • Taking care of your dental health is also essential. The teeth of this animal do not stop growing throughout its life, so you have to provide it with hay and other types of materials so that it can gnaw on it and wear them out.
  • The periodic reviews to the vet can not miss.
  • You must play and interact with him every day in a loving way. Be careful when you take it in your hands, do it delicately so as not to hurt it.
  • The rabbit needs to exercise daily. This means that they must be out of the cage for several hours a day to allow them to move freely. Of course, when removing it, place the animal in a completely safe place for it. Be careful with the cables that can gnaw!

The treatment that the pet receives from a young age will mark its future. Therefore, knowing the needs of any animal before it arrives home is essential. Only then can the best decision be made, determining whether it is the correct pet for us or not.

Now you know how long a rabbit lives and, if you adopt one, you must take maximum care of him to enjoy his company and sympathy. They say that happiness lengthens life and both your happiness and your health are where you should focus.