We have to bear in mind that wild rabbits are easy prey; therefore, no matter how well they know their surroundings, they are always aware of what is happening around them. They never fully rest and sleep in a state similar to wakefulness.

Although finding rabbits in homes is becoming more common, these customs have not changed. They are already pets, but the evolution of the different species does not change so quickly. That’s why the rabbits still don’t fall asleep at all.

How do rabbits sleep?

If you have never lived with a rabbit, everything that has to do with its way of sleeping may catch your attention.

Rabbits enjoy sleeping in their burrows, so they need a similar space in their cage. To rest, they will look for a safe and quiet refuge where they feel protected. Being in a wide, open space only gives them insecurity and stress at bedtime.

In addition, they are animals that usually sleep during the day and are more active at night. It makes sense if we think about how they survive in the wild. During the day, they hide to sleep and are activated to look for food, move or enjoy movement.

Every day they sleep between six and eight hours regularly. If they are in a comfortable environment, they can sleep 10 hours at a time.

How to know if a rabbit is sleeping?

Sometimes it is not clear whether a rabbit is asleep or awake. For example, you can have relaxed breathing and be inactive while having your eyes open. This occurs when you are adjusting to a new space or feel insecure.

As he becomes calmer and more confident, sleep will be more peaceful, and you will see him sleep with his eyes closed.

To know if he is asleep, you should look at his breathing and his response to visual stimuli (not so much sound, which could wake him up).

8 other curiosities about rabbits

Despite how common rabbits are today as pets, many people are still surprised to learn certain curiosities about them that we believe are not always true.

  • They Don’t Eat Carrots – Seriously, rabbits don’t eat carrots. Although you’ve seen Bugs Bunny eat them hundreds of times, along with other rabbits in pop culture, they are not particularly recommended. What they do eat with pleasure are green leaves.
  • They are very sensitive to heat, so you always have to consider the time you will leave them alone. Getting enough water at your disposal is ideal if it may take a while to call home. When you are at home with him, it is easier for you to refill the water as many times as he needs it.
  • They eat their poo: they make different types of feces, and some have a lot of nutrients, which is why rabbits ingest them.
  • They have a very short gestation period, lasting about a month, between 28 and 32 days. And at one time, it can have between four and 12 offspring.
  • They are easily bored: an animal that is very active during the hours that it is awake. That is why he needs toys or interactions that help him move.
  • There is a breed of huge rabbits: although they usually measure between 30 and 50 centimeters, the Flanders rabbits can easily reach 80 centimeters and 10 kilos.
  • Their teeth never stop growing; they need to wear them down constantly. They need plenty of hay and maybe a toy to help too.
  • They have a vision of almost 360º: The arrangement of the eyes on their faces facilitates this complete vision. It should not be forgotten that this type of vision is essential to survive in open habitats.

The rabbit is a fascinating, friendly, and loving animal. That is why it has gained a lot of popularity as a pet. However, and as always, the more you know about this animal before living together, the better.