Deciding to have a cat as a pet is also to assume that our house is going to be full of its fur. This is something with which we must be patient and tolerant, as it is natural for these animals to lose weight. Even so, that does not mean that we have to let him roam around our house (hair, cat yes). Therefore, here are some tips to remove cat hair at home.

Remove cat hair at home

In bed, in your clothes, on the sofa, on the carpet, in the air … you can find your cat’s hair in the most unexpected places. However, that should not be an impediment to enjoying the company of these fantastic animals.

Therefore, it is best that you take note of these tricks to get rid of those hairs.

1. Adhesive roll

It is the most common element to remove cat hair at home. They are sold in any supermarket, DIY store, or hardware store.

They are very comfortable to use and very effective. They have many sheets that must be removed as they fill with hairs (there will come a point where they no longer stick) and there are spare parts for when the roll is finished. In this way, you can continue to use the handle and save.

2. Latex gloves

The typical latex scrubbing gloves are reusable and very cheap, and also great allies for removing cat hair at home.

To do this, you must wet your hands with the gloves on and make circular movements over the area from which you want to remove the fur. Hairballs will form that will be very easy to remove.

You can fill a basin with water and put it aside to make it easier for you to get your hands wet when necessary.

3. Packing tape

Duct tape for packing boxes can go a long way in removing animal hair when you don’t have a roller.

Its operation is the same since the hairs are stuck to the tape, only it is somewhat more uncomfortable because you have to cut strips of tape. Still, the result is worth it.

4. Silicone roller

The silicone roller is another very practical and comfortable tool to remove cat hair at home.

Its mechanism is simple: you just have to moisten it and its surface will become viscous. This will make it very easy for hair and dirt to stick to the roller.

Their useful life depends on the wear of the roller, but, luckily, they are of different quality.

5. Stockings or pantyhose

Surely if you wear stockings and have a cat, you will have verified that these are a magnet for feline hair. Well, there is the key!

When some stockings or pantyhose stop serving you, do not throw them away: use them as a method of catching hair.

Just put your hand inside and run it through the area. You will see how easily they get stuck!

You can also use this trick while caressing the feline and thus eliminate the dead hair that it carries, in addition to giving it a dose of pampering.

6. Rubber glove

These types of gloves are made to facilitate hair removal in a simple way. By using our own hand to pass it where we want, it makes it much more accessible.

7. Rubber broom

Rubber brooms are the most appropriate when keeping animals at home, as they do not spread the hairs or stick to the bristles. 

8. Mop

In addition to the rubber broom, another essential element that should not be missing in any home with pets is a disposable dust trap. They are really useful to give the final pass and that the floor is completely free of hair.

9. Synthetic bath sponge

The effect of this sponge is very similar to that of pantyhose. It is enough to pass it through the area and you will see how the hairs remain stuck.

10. Window cleaner

The typical glass cleaners, having a rubber spatula, will also help remove some pet hair.

They may not be as effective as other methods, but they can help if you don’t have another tool.

11. Steamer-vacuum cleaner

It is undoubtedly the best cleaning method because it easily vacuums the hair and disinfects the surfaces with steam.

Of course, economically they are worth their effectiveness.

Other tricks related to removing cat hair at home

Combing the cat frequently can help you keep your house somewhat more hair-free since you will have the situation a little under control as you are the one who removes the dead fur of the animal. This is especially relevant in the cases of cats with long hair.

In addition to this, it must be taken into account that cats lose hair naturally, especially in times of shedding. However, there may be other reasons that cause hair loss in the cat: stress, anxiety, poor diet, diseases, etc.

Therefore, if you detect a very unusual hair loss in your pet, do not hesitate to go to the veterinary center to determine if it is a health problem and solve it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, on the subject of clothes,  before putting them in the washing machine, the ideal thing is that you remove the hairs and let them soak in a basin for a while. This is usually very effective before washing.

If when you have clean and dry clothes you notice that there are still hairs, do not hesitate to use any of the aforementioned methods to remove them before ironing them.

You can use the dryer after washing the machine, but keep in mind that it is important, in the case of both appliances, to clean the filter after each use.