The Patterdale Terrier is one of the oldest running terrier breeds withinside the world.


This breed originated withinside the Lake District in England, from which the breed additionally takes its name. The Patterdale Terrier turned into evolved via way of means of crossing the Bedlington with the Old English Wirehaired Terrier. The Patterdale Terrier has been used for almost 3 hundred years to seek burrowing animals which include the otter, fox, and badger. The farmers withinside the mountainous Lakeland District hunted with more than one looking puppies and with those terriers. Their activity turned into exterminating the foxes that got here to raid the sheepfolds. The Patterdale Terrier ought to hunt in water and choppy terrain, chasing and killing prey.

The Patterdale Terriers had been so courageous that they accompanied the vermin underground for outstanding distances. Over time, the Patterdale Terrier has come to be famous as a partner and a hit display canine. The Patterdale Terrier turned into identified outdoor of England withinside the 20th century. The Border, Bedlington, and Dandie Dinmont Terriers are the ancestors of the Patterdale Terrier. The Patterdale Terrier turned into first referred to as the Patterdale Terrier. Although the Patterdale Terrier has been exceeded in reputation via way of means of many breeds, it’s far nevertheless a completely green running terrier.

The character of the Patterdale Terrier

The Patterdale Terrier is just like the Welsh Terrier in lots of ways, besides that this breed is lively, cussed, and extra determined. It is a cheerful, affectionate, alert, assured, and brave canine. While he is fearless and brave, the Patterdale Terrier additionally has an attractive, calm aspect at an identical time. The Patterdale Terrier may be insecure in relation to the way to react to strangers, however now no longer in an excessive way. Give the Patterdale Terrier a venture and he’s going to tirelessly deliver it out, irrespective of how laborious the venture.


The Patterdale Terrier has a median existence expectancy of 12 to sixteen years. It is a completely robust breed and the breed has no severe hereditary diseases. This canine does have a predisposition to get Von Willebrand`s disease, cataracts and dislocation of the lens of the eye.

Life expectancy: 12 – sixteen years

Weight: 7 – eight kg

Height on the withers: 33 – 38 cm


The lifeless hairs need to be plucked from the coat via way of means of hand to 3 instances a year. Loose hair needs to be eliminated from the ears and extra hair among the pads needs to be clipped. When it involves a display canine, the coat would require extra in-depth care. The Patterdale Terrier sheds very little.