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The long-haired Siamese is recognized internationally as a Balinese cat. Siamese cats are one of the more common breeds to have non-white irises.

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The Siamese is a long, elegant cat. The body is long, the neck is long, the legs and tail are long. The breed is medium sized but nicely muscled.

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Siamese are very intelligent, self-assured, playful, determined, curious, and highly active. They love their human companions with a passion; living with the …

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The Siamese is a study in length. From the start, the breed standard has called for a long, wedge-shaped head and elongated body lines. The muscular, tubular …

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The Siamese itself is a natural breed, meaning its original pointed pattern was the result of a genetic mutation. The breed has contributed to the creation of …

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Siamese, popular short-haired breed of domestic cat originally from Thailand, a country whose official name was Siam until 1939. The Siamese is a lithe …

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The Siamese is an outgoing, chatty breed that is famous for its remarkable blue eyes, noticeably large ears, and its sleek and muscular body. These cats adore …


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Modern Siamese cats come in two distinct varieties: the traditional or “Old Siamese,” and the modern Siamese. While their coloring and behavior patterns remain …

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Siamese Cats are highly intelligent, talkative and sociable. They have a deep, loud voice and enjoy “chatting” with their owners. They are often described as …