Having a puppy is all good, but it also requires a lot of care, especially with regard to food, health, and hygiene. Bathing a dog is essential not only for the sake of leaving it clean and fragrant but also as a way to avoid skin diseases and even the proliferation of parasites. In addition to bathing, another fundamental measure is dog grooming in some specific breeds, which is what helps keep the animal’s coat beautiful and healthy.

Dogs that are entirely covered with hair take longer to dry when they get wet. Especially for large dogs, you will need many towels, which will increase the amount of laundry. A super absorbent dog towel made of a material such as a microfiber is convenient in such a case. Dog towels are not only used after bathing and shampooing, but also disposable, and other types that can be used for care and long-term care.

Some tips to buy a Towel that suits your Dog

Is it an easy-to-use size?

Determine the size of the towel according to the size of your dog. It is also important to choose a size that is easy for the owner to handle. For example, if you use it after shampooing, it seems good to choose a size that is easy for the owner to handle, even if it is not a large size. Also, if it’s a bedtime towel, it’s important to choose a size that can cover your bed or mat.

Know the characteristics of the material

There are various types of dog towels such as microfiber, cotton towels, and PVA sponges. For example, microfiber has very high water absorption, so it is recommended after shampooing. It can be used to clean excess water from the hair after washing which can also effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

Whether it can be washed

It is also important whether it can be used many times, especially for wiping with water or for sleeping. Check if you can wash it and if the effect does not change even if you wash it many times. By checking in advance, you can continue to use it for a long time.

Step by step guidance to bathe a dog properly!

Get ready by gathering all the items you need, such as shampoo, conditioner, towel, and brush, among others. It is also important to make sure the animal is calm, to facilitate the process. If he is very agitated, you can try to tire him out with play and petting. After ensuring that the dog bath items are separated and the furry one is calm, it’s time to get down to business, or rather, the fur!

Brush the hair

This tip is especially important for pets with long coats. Brushing your dog’s hair prevents the hair from tangling when washed, as well as eliminating dead skin. For this, it is important to have a brush suitable for the type of coat of your pet.

Take care of your ears

Dogs’ ears are very delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to them when bathing. So, clean the outside with warm water, using gauze or towels. Look for pieces of cotton to cover them and prevent water from falling into the cavities during the bath.

Moisten the hairs

The second step is to hold the pet securely and comfortably. Then dampen his fur with warm water. Wet the pet little by little so it gets used to the sensation of the water and feels more comfortable. If the pet gets too agitated during the process, offer treats and pet it.

Pass the shampoo

When applying shampoo for dogs, take into account the size and type of fur of the animal to get the right amount. Apply the product gently, massaging along the pet’s body and rubbing the hair roots. Let the product act for a few minutes before rinsing.

Rinse with plenty of water

After waiting the necessary time for the shampoo or soap to take effect, use warm water to rinse the animal well. Be sure to remove all excess products. At this time, be prepared to get a little wet, as the puppy will shake.

Dry the hair

To start the drying process, use a super absorbent microfiber dog towel to remove excess water, rubbing it all over the pet’s body. Microfiber pet towel is characterized by strong water absorption, durable, non-fading, easy to wash, quick-drying, handy, and soft hand feeling. Now, this microfiber material towel is widely used in different fields.