It is more than love and company that we look for in pets, it is also stability. A familiar face to greet us when we get home or wake up; a constant to anchor us through other turbulence. That consistency extends to the purchasing behavior of pet owners as well, making e-commerce pet products a stable market under any circumstances, even in turbulent 2022.

While most other industries have seen unpredictable changes this year, the pet market has remained reliable. The US Pet Market Outlook 2021-2022 stated directly that “the pet industry stands out for its famous resilience to the recession.” How? They attribute that spending more time at home with pets encourages more “gifts”, as well as the higher priority of online purchases over public stores.

Pet products trends changed frequently and 2022 has its own unique its “best sellers” and searches. In this article we have talk about the top 5 best products for pets.

  1. Toys, treats and toiletries for dental care

Perhaps all this extra time at home is paying more attention to our pets’ breath, which explains the surge in searches for pet dental care: teeth-cleaning toys and treats, not to mention dog toothbrushes.

One of the advantages of pet toys and treats for dental health is that they improve on standard toys and treats. They do everything regular toys and treats do, and more, making them more appealing to shoppers than “regular” toys and treats. They’re perfect for upselling or even replacing malfunctioning pet toys and treats.

  1. Novelty pet beds

Pet beds have been all the rage for a couple of years, so much so that they spawned a submarket for novelty pet beds. Beyond a simple “floor pillow,” modern novelty pet beds come in fun shapes and themes with anything from pop culture references to extra cuteness. Another piece of good news for online retailers is that these larger beds also come with higher price tags.

More than any other item on this list, pet beds are better suited to niche markets. Health-conscious pet owners can buy orthopedic pet beds, stylish pet owners can buy modern-style pet beds, sci-fi pet owners can buy Star Wars pet beds. The better you understand your target buyers, the more you can serve them.

  1. Multi-function teether toy

Pet toys are generally in constant demand, but one of the newer types of pet toys is rapidly gaining popularity right now. Known as “multi-function chew toys”, these dog toys combine different types of chew toys in one. While they seem simple enough for humans, for dogs they promise a variety of entertainment options.

Multi-function chew toys are easy to market: you can promote them as multiple toys for the price of one, or you can highlight how dogs love them more than traditional toys. While the name is not yet widely known and discussed a bit (it is commonly referred to as “molar chew toy”), you can use other popular keywords such as “interactive pet toys” or “self-playing dog toys” .

  1. Hamster cage

Interestingly, search results are showing more interest in hamsters lately. And while we don’t recommend sending live animals through the mail, hamster cages are ideal for recommended e-commerce products.

Just like pet beds, hamster cages can come in different styles to fit niches. However, before you invest heavily in dark hamster cage accessories, test the waters with more general, conventional low-risk products.

5. Cat litter mats

Not surprisingly, cat litter mats have become so popular in recent months. The surprising thing is that they had not been so popular until now! It’s such an obvious concept; Cat owners hate the mess that comes out of litter boxes, so why not use the same solution we use on our shoes before we come in the house?

Cat litter mats can be customized to fit certain niches, both in terms of style (cute shapes, fun colors) and practicality (leak prevention, better litter trapping).