If your pet is part of your family, treat it with care to provide it with a comfortable, functional and, above all, adequate life.

Dogs and cats are part of our family today. Therefore, we must take care of them and keep them safe, as well as provide them with an adequate space for their development and well-being. This can be achieved only with the right living conditions, which are facilitated with accessories that will become essential for your pet .


Give your a more comfortable and more functional life attending to his needs and making him part of a calmer day to day . Give your pet the happiness he deserves with these pet accessories that are basic and maybe you didn’t know it.

Waterproof Cover

This is mainly for the puppies. Maybe your little one doesn’t know bath time yet and therefore, you should take care of the surfaces in your car or somewhere in your house. A protective cover that prevents car seats or armchairs from getting dirty when you have to go to the bathroom could become an essential . Try one with a fun or flashy print for him and for you.

Carrier Pocket

If you have a puppy , it may not be convenient for it to go “loose” through the streets or an accident could occur. So if you must (or want) to go out with him and you fear for his safety, it is better to carry it in a carrier bag. This accessory is essential if you have a small dog since it is comfortable for him and there are trendy designs that are also as functional as any backpack or handbag.

Metal Penalty

Forget conventional brushes that only hurt your pet’s fur . An option to replace them is a less aggressive brush with your dog’s hair . Choose one that is thinner with two or more types of bristles that allow not only to untangle knots, but also to prevent future tangles or give it shine.

Little Shoes

Perhaps it is an eccentricity, but it is true that if your puppy walks through wet streets , an unsafe path or simple stones, he could have an accident. These shoes are waterproof and protect their paws, ensuring their comfort, as well as their skin and fur. In addition, there are many colors to choose from and they will become a staple for your little dog .

Diffuser For Anxiety

Dogs do not always misbehave because that is their character; but because they suffer from anxiety. This leads them to hide, bark, cry or destroy spaces, among other behaviors. An aroma diffuser allows the expert to perceive tranquility and good sense in the air, managing to remain safe, calm and above all, more relaxed.


This option is for people who sleep with their pet in the same room . Your bed does not belong to your pet, so you can install a small cushion for him near your space. These beds look similar to one of people , so it will be easy for you to adapt to it and thus, you can stay together even at night. This accessory will be indispensable if you cannot get away from your dog.


Few people care about coat care and it is enough to take your dog to a specialized spa or bathe him at home with what is available. If you prefer to be closer to your pet and give him a bath at home, do not put chemical products or those that are sold in the supermarket, because they are not special for each type of hair. Buy a handmade soap, whose natural ingredients are not aggressive with your dog. Believe us, it will become a basic in your care.