What name is good for a dog? Finding a name for your dog is not just about looking for a name that goes with the characteristics and peculiarities of the pet in question. But also, a name that resonates with our own personality and tastes. 

Coco is the most popular name for male dogs. This name was already popular in the Muppets era, and now because he is a Pixar character. Luna, in the case of females, is the equivalent of María in women and takes the prize for the most common name in bitches.

Both names are easy to say in the park and understandable to dogs However, if you want to be something more original when it comes to naming your petyou will have to rack your brains a little more.

Tips for choosing a good name for your pet

  • Choose a name suitable for all audiences: the name of your dog is something that you are going to say many times and they are going to ask you frequently. In fact, you will become known by other people you meet in the park like Coco’s owner or Luna‘s mom.
  • Do not go to stereotypes: it is very common to be totally carried away by physical appearance when choosing a name for our pet. So if your cat looks like a cow, she will be called Milka and if your dog is brown, it will be Canelo. If you want to be original, get out of mere physical appearance.
  • Better a short and sonorous name: our dogs adapt really well to our language, but they have a hard time differentiating between similar or long words. For example, Mafalda is a popular dog name in 2022, however, it is likely that the dog will end up being called “Falda”. The reason goes beyond the dog, as we ourselves tend to shorten long names. So why not make it easy from the start with a short name?

Trends when choosing a name for your dog

The fashions of the moment influence when choosing the name for a pet However, there are similar patterns and bases year after year. 

  • Cartoon: Nala and Simba
  • Food: Croquette, Tuna, Bacon, Potato, Sushi.
  • Singers: Malú, Shakira, Channel.
  • Movies: Thor and Loki (Marvel). Yoda and Leia (Star Wars). Arya (Game of Thrones).
  • Mythology: Odin and Freyja.
  • Countries: India.
  • Athletes: Leo, Bolt, and Kílian.
  • Influencers: Ibai.
  • Scientists: Darwin and Newton. 
  • Artists: Mozart and Dali.
  • Fruits: Melon and Kiwi.

The most popular dog names in 2022

The Rover company has launched a ranking that includes the most popular names for female dogs and male dogs in Spain. The first 10 are:

  • Females : Kira, Luna, Nala, Lola, Bimba, Mia, Noa, Maya, Duna and Dana.
  • Males: Coco, Thor, Maz, Simba, Leo, Rocky, Bruno, Toby, Zeus, and Lucas.

Is your dog’s name on the list?

How to teach my dog ​​his name?

Once we have chosen a good name for our dog, it is time to use it.

The dog’s name must mean something interesting and valuable to the dog, so we must try to associate it with good things.

  • Through play: Play is the best way to teach a 2-3 month-old puppy who has just come home. Try calling him and showing him a toy or throwing a ball. 
  • With food: food is a resource that is useful for dogs of any age. Say his name and immediately give him a treat, you will see how after a few repetitions he automatically looks at you after hearing his name.
  • The tone of voice is important: Avoiding poisoning your dog’s name with an angry tone if he doesn’t come when you call him in the park is crucial. Because what matters when your dog hears his name is that positive emotions about him are activated in his brain so that he comes happy to meet you.