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Turtle Cages, Custom Build Your Own

Custom Cages manufactures high quality Suncatcher, Hybrid, and Majestic enclosures for birds, reptiles, cats, amphibians, and small animals. Originally Cages by …

Turtle Cages & Enclosures – Vision Products

Our turtle cages can host many types of turtles and tortoises. The turtle enclosures are a one-piece molded construction that is durable and secure for your …

Box Turtle Setup (A How To Guide)

An outdoor enclosure allows the turtle a lot of exposure to the sun. The enclosure should be at least 16 …

Box Turtle Care

North American box turtles are listed as a threatened species. Only those turtles that have been raised in captivity should be kept as pets. Enclosures should …


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How to Set up an Indoor Box Turtle Enclosure – TurtleHolic

In order to provide a satisfactory environment for your box turtle, the minimum you’ll need is an aquarium, terrarium or enclosure, substrate, plants, hiding …

Tortoise Habitat Wood Box Turtle Enclosure Reptile Cage

Looking for a practical enclosure for your small reptiles to lead a healthy life. This COZIWOW Upgraded Wood Tortoise Habitat is an ideal investment.

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Set up a large enough enclosure. Box turtles need a lot of room to roam like in the wild. Each turtle in your terrarium needs at least three square feet (0.28 m …

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