When we are on the Windows computer and the shutdown system does not work or is extremely slow, we must try to correct it, since this failure can be quite serious for any type of device.

Shutting down the computer is more than just cutting the power. Windows must close system processes, save data, and remove unnecessary information from memory. That is why the shutdown process takes several seconds.

Due to the complexity of these steps, an error scene can occur where the device never actually turns off or takes a long time to do so.

When this happens, it is time to make a series of checks and options to make sure that we do not have this shutdown error again , something that can be fatal for the computer .
Problems why the shutdown does not go well and solutions:

  • software problems
  • process issues
  • Quick start issues
  • Disk drive problems
  • power problems
  • Problems with a driver or with the operating system
  • Page file issues
  • software problems

If the fact that the computer fails to shut down often happens to you, but you always see the message Programs must be closed , it is quite likely that the entire problem is caused by the computer’s software.