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Which Dog Vaccines Are Absolutely Necessary?

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Core vaccinations are designed to protect animals from extreme illness or disease and include: the rabies vaccination (in most, but not all, states), CDV ( …

Which Dog Vaccines are Absolutely Necessary?

Core vaccines for dogs include the following: · Rabies. Rabies is 100% fatal to dogs that contract it as there is no treatment. · Distemper. This disease is …

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Canine Parvovirus; Canine Distemper; Hepatitis; Rabies. Non core – vaccines include. Bordetella; Canine Influenza (dog flu); Lyme vaccine; Leptospirosis.

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Dog Vaccinations – Everything you must know

The Amount Of Time Each Vaccination Is Effective Is As Follows: · DHPP – 3 years · Rabies – 3 years · Leptospirosis – 1 year · Canine Influenza – 1 year · Lyme …

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Primary vaccination is essential in order to prevent the once common deadly puppy diseases. However, recent research indicates that not all vaccines require …

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Vaccinations are important to prevent serious illness in dogs. Even dogs that spend 100% of their time indoors should be vaccinated.

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Which Pet Vaccines Are Absolutely Necessary?