October 4 should be a date marked on any animal lover’s calendar. And it is not just any day but the one in which we celebrate those beings that fill our lives with happiness. But why is World Animal Day celebrated on October 4?

The history of World Animal Day

In 1929, October 4 was declared World Animal Day. It was an initiative of the World Organization for Animal Protection and was held at a congress held in Vienna.

Later, in 1980, Pope John Paul II declared that Saint Francis of Assisi would be the patron saint of animals and environmentalists. He was the chosen one since he is considered the first human who saw himself in relation to all created things.

Furthermore, he considered that we are all creatures of God, no matter the difference. That included all animate and inanimate reality. His ideas were received in his time (back in the thirteenth century) with surprise, that is why it is considered that he was ahead of his time.

Since his appointment as patron of animals, the celebration of Animal Day gained more global prominence, with the blessing of pets taking place in many countries.

In 2003, taking advantage of October 4, some English organizations defending animal life, decided to organize an annual event. Since then, many countries have joined the initiative to celebrate an event in favor of animals every October 4.

What is the purpose of World Animal Day?

The main objective of the celebration of this date is to remind people of the importance of all the animal species that inhabit our planet. Those who tend to be victims, on many occasions, of selfishness and human cruelty.

Due to this, the need to protect animals is also praised that day, since extinction threatens many species and it is urgent to stop it.

For this reason, events are prepared on that date in which activities are carried out using education and dissemination, in order to create a new culture based on respect and sensitivity towards animals.

What kinds of activities take place on World Animal Day?

On October 4, animal life is celebrated in any of its forms. To do this, different activities are planned around the world:

  • Blessings to animals.
  • Animal shelters hold fundraisers, open tours of centers, etc.
  • Schools organize workshops to educate children about respecting animals.
  • Special exhibitions are prepared.

How can we celebrate this day?

Showing respect for all living beings that live with us on Earth is the best way to celebrate this day, although it is something that must be done daily and not just on October 4.

That, of course, includes those who have pets caring for them throughout their lives.

Families with young children can take advantage of World Animal Day for a special activity that promotes a healthy interest in animals.

In addition, you can support events with donations or other types of collaboration. Of course, the speakers that are Social Networks should be used to share messages that sensitize and make all users aware of the importance of caring for all species.

We are all part of a chain and the loss of a link wreaks great damage on the life of the planet. Let’s protect each of its parts.

Happy World Animal Day!