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What are Dog Zoomies? Why Your Dog Runs Around in Circles

Zoomies – A NYC Biscuit Bar for Pets and More!

An urban, lifestyle boutique promoting the bond between people and their pets thru fashion, food and fun.

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This explosion of activity has many nicknames among dog owners, from ‘zoomies’ and ‘crazy eights,’ to ‘midnight madness’ and ‘demon possession,’ but the …

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Zoomies involve furious bursts of speed. Dogs with the zoomies will run in wide circles in a series of laps and may exhibit repetitive spins.

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The proper name for dog and puppy zoomies is ‘Frenetic Random Activity Periods’ or FRAPs. These periods usually display as sudden bursts of energy where your …

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When they wake up, the zoomies can happen because they’re reinvigorating their minds and bodies for the hunt. Sometimes a cat will just get up and run about, …

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